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Didi & Friends

Didi & Friends is a musical educational cartoon for children that is 3D-animated. It first aired on YouTube in 2015, with localized nursery rhymes, and is now a TV series in Malaysia.


Jasmin & The Hitz is the Zone City’s biggest music act by day and the Zone City’s saviors by night as they transformed themselves into agents of H.I.T.Z together, they will soothe your soul by day and save your soul by night!


Didi Junior is the result of a partnership between Didi & Friends and Genki Malaysia. Since Genki Malaysia is a diaper brand, we created a baby version for Didi & Friends that is cuter and more baby-friendly!


Didi Rescue Squad is an entirely new adventure that is even more enjoyable and exciting! Its main goal is to teach the younger generations about the importance of helping others in need. Keep an eye out for this new adventure!

Taubat Si Tanggang

Taubat Si Tanggang would make a ground-breaking animated series with its mixture of regional flavour and high-end visual storytelling.


You’re in for a new culinary adventure! Let’s Get Cooking is an interactive and exciting culinary show that you can enjoy soon.

Creative Campus

Warnakala Studios’ Creative Campus specializes in e-learning platforms for the creative industries. If you desire to pursue your dreams in 3D, Digital Marketing, Animation, and other related fields, please send us your inquiries so that we can assist you better.

We are welcome partnerships and collaborations from like-minded individuals and businesses from around the world.

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