23 FEBRUARY 2023

In addition to catchy tunes, Didi, Nana and Jojo experience an action-packed adventure for the first time

Kuala Lumpur, 18 Jan 2023 – Established 12 years ago, popular Malaysian edutainment franchise Didi & Friends now graces the silver screen with Didi & Friends The Movie, in cinemas starting 23 February.

This adventure musical animation, produced by Astro Shaw, Warnakala Studios and Digital Durian in partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), presents a different side to the franchise, promising an entertaining experience not only for kids but for the entire family

Didi & Friends The Movie is the first Malaysian animation film to collaborate with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) and Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) in the composition of its original soundtrack and score for the film. A total of six songs were recorded with MPO/DFP, namely ‘Hora Horey’, ‘Manet’, ‘Torra’, ‘Percaya’, ‘Percaya Reprise’ and ‘Hora Horey Instrumental’, all of which promise to delight the ears of the audiences.

Vice President, Malay Nusantara Business & Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said, “Seeing the success and exceptional response towards animated films last year, we are now excited to present the latest animated film, Didi & Friends The Movie, from the popular Malaysian animation franchise, in the first quarter of this year. We are also honored to partner with renowned industry players Warnakala Studios and Digital Durian Animation Studios, in partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), for the very first time to produce this film. We jumped at the opportunity to collaborate in this project as we believe that it is a great movie that can make its mark in the local animation industry. Furthermore, we are thrilled to collaborate with the internationally-acclaimed Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) and Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) for the very first time. We believe that Didi & Friends The Movie will capture the hearts of audiences through the quality of its craft and its differentiated storytelling approach, where the franchise previously focused on songs alone. We hope that audiences will be as excited for this film as we are when it hits silver screens next month.”

The 30-second teaser video of Didi, released last 28 December, has garnered positive responses from fans and the public. The video ended with the phrase ‘Stepping into a new world’, perfectly capturing Didi & Friends The Movie’s efforts to differentiate itself from the television series.

Aduh aku yang berumur 15 nih tiba-tiba excited pula

- @dhia.0708

Cutisekolah lagi ni masa ni. Mesti kena bawa kids ni...baru tengok iklan dah ajak skang pegi

- @nor_azrin

Next level betul ea @didiandfriends

-- @faridahidrish

Best gila tengok detail topi ngan bulu dia x sabar nak tengok

- @daniff_aliff

Lain mcm quality gambar didi n friends the movie... tahniah @warnakala_studios

- @inara.annerose

Aku baru je borak dgn husband semalam Didi & friends tak nak buat movie ke? Nak bawa anak
tgk wyg. Ya Allah, Kau dengar isi hati aku

- @dyra_noor

The animated feathers on Didi are of higher quality. Looks more detailed. A lot of work and
time must have gone into making the movie. Good luck guys!

- @luxent_X

WAH!!!!! YES!!!! finally my favourite musical cartoon getting their own movie!!!!

- @mumtzis

“We believe that collaboration is imperative in creating good work. Astro Shaw, as one of the pioneers in the local film industry, is a strategic partner for Warnakala Studios in the production of Didi & Friends The Movie. In addition, MDEC and Digital Durian have also provided their unwavering support for Didi & Friends since its inception. I am also very proud of the accomplishments of directors Akmal Aziz Asmawi and Roshfaizal Ariffin. The both of them have the expertise and creative ideas, and collaborated well together. We are also incredibly honored to work with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) and Dewan Philharmonic PETRONAS (DFP) in the composition of the soundtracks for this film, led by Saiful Ridzuan (Duan) as the Musical Director. I’m confident that the catchy songs in this film will become viral. Finally,  I am grateful to WAU Animation and FINAS for their commitment throughout the creation of this film.”

A number of new characters are introduced in this film, featuring the voices of renowned local celebrities such as Dato’ Awie as Tok Chip, Amelia Henderson as Captain Zoey, Waris as Torra and Ruminah Sidek as Nek Kura, alongside the original voice actors for Didi, Nana, Jojo, Pak Atan, Pak Beruang and more.

Saiful Ridzuan or ‘Duan’, who previously worked on Olabola and the Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical, is the Musical Director for this movie and led the direction of two songs, ‘Irama dan Lagu’ and ‘Kapten Zee & Crew’.

Didi & Friends The Movie presents a total of 11 songs, including the theme song ‘Luar Biasa’, performed and composed by popular Malaysian singer Hael Husaini, as well as ‘Kembali Bersama’, performed by Modescape and composed by Shah, a member of the band.

The story of Didi & Friends The Movie begins when Didi’s excitement turns to despair when Pak Atan forbids him to join his adventure, and he is forced to stay in Horey Village with his other friends. Pak Atan & Pak Beruang embark on an adventure to Dunia Muzika in search of a magical antidote to cure Pak Beruang’s sudden illness. A stubborn Didi finally decides to head to Dunia Muzika alone, but Nana and Jojo, who questions Didi’s reckless decision, ultimately follow along. All kinds of obstacles await them in Dunia Muzika, including a dangerous sky pirate named Torra. Who is Torra? What illness that Pak Beruang is facing? Will Didi, Nana and Jojo succeed in getting the antidote? All the answers will unravel in cinemas this 23 February 2023.

From a production standpoint, the movie “Didi and Friends” was developed using the renowned open-source software, Blender. Due to the inherent flexibility of open-source software, the production team was able to customize the software to align with the specific workflow requirements for the movie.

Let’s step into a new world with Didi & Friends The Movie in cinemas starting 23 February 2023. For more updates and interesting clips about this film, follow Astro Shaw, Astro Gempak, and Didi & Friends’ TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Title: Didi & Friends The Movie
Genre : Flem Musikal 3D Animasi Pengembaraan
Language: Bahasa Melayu
Running Time : 104 minit
Director: Akmal Aziz Asmawi | Roshfaizal Ariffin
Producer: Raja Jastina Raja Arshad | Hairul Sofian
Produced by: Warnakala Studios | Astro Shaw | Digital Durian | MDeC
Production Company : Warnakala Studios | Astro Shaw | Digital Durian | MDeC
Release Date in Cinemas : 23 Februari 2023



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